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Bank of Greece Regulatory Sandbox

Explainer Videos

Client: Bank of Greece

Agency: Linakis Digital

I've been invited by Linakis Digital & Sputnik Design Team to create two videos for the Bank of Greece's new Service, the Regulatory Sandbox.


These two videos would serve as explainer videos for the launch of the service in order to

present it to potential clients.


The Primary objective of the project was to effectively communicate fintech terms in the simplest way possible whilst maintaining a fresh but corporate look and feel.

Exploring a modern and minimalistic visual language, we crafted two explainer videos

 that incorporate the fintech nature of the project.
Abstract shapes, illuminated forms and a visual storytelling path was chosen to better transfer the message across.

Client: Bank of Greece
Agency: Linakis Digital
Creative & Art Direction: Sputnik Design Team, Dimitris Bouskos
Motion Design: Dimitris Bouskos
VO Artist: Manos Veziris
Music: Antarctic

Case Study

Fintech projects and tech projects in general can be extremely complex due to their technical terminology. Simplifying terms in a visual manner was essential to better handle the flow of the video and create a simple yet elegant look that serves the narrative.
The art direction chosen for the project revolves around an abstract enviroment that

showcases the main characters and illustrates the process in a continuous fashion.

This way the storytelling element stays rigid and we help explain things better.

I Stayed away from complex forms like the examples below in order to keep things simple.



The final styleframes below ended up with illuminated forms, basic shapes and

contrast between light & dark.

To add interest throughout the piece, secondary elements were used to support the overall design. 

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