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Vyron Tsourapis - Dipsa

Animated Video Clip

Client: Vyron Tsourapis - Nikos Portokaloglou

Creative & Art Direction : Dimitris Bouskos
Animation: George Fylaxtos, Dimitris Bouskos

Videography: Hugo Varvoglis

Music projects are always a challenge for me.There is no right or wrong in visualizing a song and trying to express it's vibe & energy.When Vyronas reached out to me and offered me this opportunity it sparked my interest to explore it. While discussing with the client, I was able to explore a creative & art direction for the project and create a script which was the foundation for the whole flow. Mixing techniques like collage, rotoscoping & hand make textures & typo was a challenge but it felt right for this project. So we proceeded in telling a story about the thirst of a human beeing to explore life all around him and find his place in this world.

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