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Nakos Winery

Animated story about a greek wine.

Client: Nakos Winery, University of Western Macedonia
Produced by: Spying Art Productions
Art Direction/Design/Animation: Dimitris Bouskos
Animatic & Animation: Gregory Tsolakis

VO: Spying Art Productions
Music, SFX: Artemis Fradelou

I had the pleasure to be invited by Spying Art Productions to help in the creation of a storyline video about a very special winery located in the northwest region of Greece. 

Τhe task was to present a specific wine named Liastos and outlining it's properties.


So we created an animated film for it.
Indicating the brand's origin, location, wine making technique and the wine's unique properties.

To push this further, in cooperation with the University of Western Macedonia the

film will be available to watch as a special printed QR code on the bottle's label.

Bringing the story of the wine one step closer to the users eye.


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